Scullion doing what he does best... quality journalism.

Chris Scullion (May 25, 1967 – January 15th, 2011) also known as Chris@ONM on the forums, was the Games Editor of Official Nintendo Magazine UK from some period on the early 80's until his untimely death an an accident at a supermarket involving a giant stack of Irn Bru and Super Tennents. He was mostly found in The Magazine section.

The beloved Scotsman is (along with Tom East) was only member of the ONM Team from Issue 1, circa 1984.

Has featured in all bar one of the ONM podcasts, due to visiting his family in Scotland for Christmas. Rest in peace brother.

He had a Twitter account -!/scully1888 which is now full of messages of condolonces.


Scullion was shopping at his local Tesco supermarket, filling up his supply of Haggis and chip pan oil, when from around the corner rolled a can of Super Mario themed energy juice; enticed, Scullion waddled over to the can, which lay in front of a vast array of Irn Bru and other Scottish drinks. Excitedly, Scullion approached the can further, but his little sausage fingers knocked the can out of his grasp, and in the process toppling the many cans of Irn Bru, and crushing him to death beneath the vast weight of E-Numbers and additives.