A member around since OONM, Drakeknight spends most of his time in FG&Q and Off Topic. In FG&Q, he is well know and celebrated for his fondly-remembered League of Superhoes and The Sidekick Academy. Outside of FG&Q, Drakeknight is mostly disliked for being a bit of an extremist dickhead when it comes to liberal views, yet is inexplicably authoritarion.

Reasons to hate DK:

  • Hippy
  • Meritocrat
  • Furry
  • Dickhead
  • Extremist
  • All of the above

He is lonely inside.

Early Forum LifeEdit

Drakeknight, DK to those more familiar with him, joined the forums when he was roughly 11. His memory isn't so great. Despite his high interest in Nintendo at the time, he showed little interest in the Nintendo-oriented subforums, being drawn instead to the general area of Off Topic, where he spent a lot of time lurking and being ignored.

On a whim, Drakeknight soon made his first journey to Forum Games and Quizzes, where he would become an active and celebrated member. Shortly after his move to FG&Q, he struck upon the idea of a game about superheroes, and thus began perhaps the biggest and brightest entity in FG&Q history.

League of SuperheroesEdit

The League of Superheroes was originally perceived as a much more structured game, which fell through partly because of its host's shorter attention span and partly because of its imaginative, amazing players. Drakeknight is known for considering League of Superheroes to be a game made by it's players.

"In the end, with League of Superheroes, all I could do was react to what the players were doing and prompt them to keep going, because it was clear from quite early on that these characters were too big to fit neatly into one plot." - Drakeknight on hosting League of Superheroes

League of Superheroes really became it's own entity when Drakeknight allowed villain players. Hobohodo, EvilTwin and The Traitor formed a trio of the smartest players, best writers and the new dominating force behind League of Superheroes, and indeed much of it's future incarnations.

While Drakeknight could barely keep the villains at bay with overpowered demi-gods, LoS's end began when Drakeknight's internet connection gave out and the heroes of Onmetropolis were alone against it's villains.

When Drakeknight returned, there was simply too much to go through to save League of Superheroes, but it was fondly remembered and helped cement Drakeknight as part of FG&Q history.

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