"this lolcat will go down a treat with the fellas at ONM!" - Marioman

OF ITS MOTHERS WOMB FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF SOUND? Marioman77 (also known as Pablo, Pabbs, the ten year old pimp, Mr. Sexy, Pedro, Balls-yet-to-drop and Poncho) is reasonably well known among members, as the young'un of the forums, being just 11 years old (which is still older than that 5 year old ILW). He also demands that you give his Muk some cookies,or it'll eat you alive. Pabbs generally lurks most sections of the forum, and plays a few games in FG&Q, including ONM Qi, ONM Fc, and some other stuff aswell. Poncho also has his own chatango, which around 15 people go on, and talk about stuff and laugh at keef who eats beef. This chatango has made marioman a number of friends, like Mr Resettio, kquigigigigiggigigibo, DJ, and that strange guy NB. The most awesome people in Pabbs' eyes are kquigibo, becasue she's the best awesome person of all time and is amazingly beautiful (I beg to differ~kquigibo), and Mr Resettio, becasue he has a moestache and is the best br0 ever Marioman is widely believed to have beeen the inspiration for the young Anakin Skywalker in George Lucas' sci-fi spectacular, Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menance.

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