A competition in Forum Games and Quizzes that was started by TheAPERSON in October 2009 and is on it's third leaderboard at the moment. Nintendoofus is the king of all things Tuney, having won the first two leaderboards, but a format shakeup has seen newcomer andymck07 take control.

The tunes are widely varying in difficulty from being extremely easy to being impossibly hard. The game has been criticised for his as well as for being unfair on those who can't access the computer 24/7. However, a change of format to PMing answers proved disasterous and the game has since reverted back to posting.

So far, the so called Final tune has been gotten first time on both occasions. It remains to be seen if this will be the case, as a much harder tune is planned for this time.

The game is currently a victim of the no approval rule with an increasing number of games in the section leaving it out cold.