ONM FC is a forum game whereby the player takes on the role as a footballer in a special ONM Football Club.

The idea can be traced back to the earlier ONM United game on the forums, which got some support, but never really got going for an extended period of time.

A few years later, Mamoswine Tamer, who had revitalised Football SImulation games with his ONM World Cup and Champions League games, decided to branch out and create ONM FC. This proved much more popular than the last version and completed a full season. Users didn't just take on roles as players though, Yinga Garten chose to become chairman of the club, TheAPERSON became kit-man for the club and assigned all the squad numbers while Mamoswine Tamer, as well as hosting and being a player, was also the manager of the club. The club lost it's first game, but gradually built itself up and finished well in their first season. The next season only lasted for half the duration as Mamoswine Tamer wanted to create more innovative concepts but couldn't do so due to the two game limit imposed at the time.

Kit-man Aperson took over the running of the game and the reigns of manager and put the club in it's own unique league that also included Custom Teams such as Nintendo FC, Star Wars FC, Formula 1 and Final Fantasy. Aston Villa and Lazio were also included in the league due to ONM player activity in those clubs in the previous version. It was Aston Villa who dramatically won the second version's title with a win on the final day against their title rivals Star Wars, during which ONM finished comfortably mid-table. The following season, aided by their new player SuperLuigiBros., they challenged for the championship and famously beat MotoGP 7-0 on the opening day. Halfway through the season, Final Fantasy overtook them in the standings, though ONM always remained within distance of them until the penultimate round, where a 3-0 defeat ended their chances and gave the title to Final Fantasy.

A World Cup was held following the end of the season, but was abandoned due to terrorist attacks.

Current SquadEdit

1 GK Happygreen 12 GK Teretree
2 DF (LB) Someone 15 MF (LW) Dark Pokémaster
3 DF (CB) Galactik 16 DF (RB/CB) Problem Child
4 MF (CM) Nintendo Guy 17 MF SuperLuigiBros
5 DF (CB) Mamoswine Tamer 19 MF (OM) Super Saiyan
6 DF (CB) Snake (VC1) 21 MF (CM/LW) Pokemaniac212
7 MF (RW) Wiihoo 25 GK/MF (DM) Omega Ridley
8 JAACPYCN Mecha Ooccoo 29 MF (RW) Stan229
9 FW ParaMetakoopa 33 FW Richy B
10 FW DixonRobert 55 MF (LW) Mario 555
11 JAAPYCN Talal (C) 77 FW (RW) Marioman77

Retired numbers Edit

13 FW Rai13 (deceased)