"I prefer duckter whom, Bazil."


Polos are small, round mints designed mainly for bartering with ladyfolk in exchange for official relationships or sexual favours. Although the power of a Polo to persuade a female to enter a relationship with you is undisputed, it has been observed that their effects can be resisted which can cause much butthurt for the mint giver. Other names for polos include 'the lovemint' or 'the glory hole'.

History of the Polo With Regards To ONMEdit

The polo device was developed by the ONM forums after a relationships advice thread was created by the member ILoveWii In said thread, lamentations were made about a young man's failures in seducing the girl of his dreams, despite him giving unto herself 'like, six packets of polos or something'.

Needless to say, the hilarity of this statement was soon picked up upon, and has now become a staple of forum culture.

The polo meme would soon become inextricably linked with the Ishizumai Avatar Craze, another forum phase inadvertently sparked by ILoveWii

Response From ILoveWiiEdit

ILoveWii later stated that the Polo comment was completely intended to be humourous. This is a lie.

The orginal quote:

"So because I told three trustworthy people who didn't care much who my friend liked, he decided to BAWWW and write on Facebook who I liked. Cue me getting comments from people, everyone knowing (they pretty much did anyway) then the girl who I liked. So I wrote a big inbox to her about how I liked her, I told her ages ago but she just laughed about it with her friends when I told her not to tell anyone. After this large Inbox, she just said "lmao its ok" which is the shittest response I have ever heard. Sorry but a guy's just telling you he likes you...NICE WAY AT TELLING ME NO. I mean God. Then she was like "sowwy i dont remember laughing at you."

God what a bitch. I've given her about 5 packets of polos since the start of September. And yeah, cheers James. My "friend". And Sam, who egged him on. Who's also a racist idiot. I never liked him anyway. Especially when he started laughing about how my 5 year old cousin, Muhammed, was a terrorist. So basically I'm upset. Advice."