Soul League is a simulation game created which was originally created by TheAPERSON around May 2009. It tells the tale of several fighters entering a tournament to win the coveted Soul Edge, said to be the most valuable weapon in the whole world. To win it, the fighters must compete against each other for it over several different locations.

Fights are simulated using Soul Calibur II on the Gamecube. The winner of a match receives points depending on how many rounds their opponent lost, if the opponent lost 2 rounds, the winner would receive 2 points, otherwise they would get 1 point.

The game originally was met with some scepticism due to an uncertainty as to whether it would work properly. After all, ONM F1 at the time was the only simulation game that had been run and completed. The game however, soon became a guilty favourite among some ONM members and it was always interesting to see whether Irish Monkey would continuously fly off every stage where it was possible to be knocked out of.

Sadly, it went the way of many other simulation games through a combination of many factors, including uncertianty of whether the host would be around for much longer, his supposed view that people had lost interest and a hassle with scraps of paper, for at the time, Aperson had no laptop and had just finished Sixth Form. The game fell after 17 of the 23 rounds and was never heard from again.

Soul League ResurrectionEdit

Two years later, TheAPERSON posted on the Forum Games Thread to tell everyone he was interested in bringing Soul League back to the forums. Now a university student with a laptop near the television and a boom in popularity of the simulation genre, he felt it was the right time to remake the game. This was met with approval by Yinga Garten. In order to reduce the amount of matches needed to be simmed, the number of consestants was reduced from 23 to 15 and SupermewX300 was appointed Co-host to split the number of matches between them. Mew however, had to withdraw as co-host due to unforseen circumstances, but the game is still on the forums and runs on a weekly cycle of matches at weekends and Fridays.

Current Roster of Fighters:Edit

Heishiro Mitsurugi - Katana Master

Dark Pokemaster - Hylian Swordsman

Mecha Ooccoo - Enigma Warrior

K2000 - Ninja

Teh_Black_Mage - Tonfa Bladesman

Galactik - Swordsman

TheAPERSON - Chinese Swordsman

Raphael Sorel - French Rapier Master

Kilik - Rod fighter

Super Yoshifan - Chinese Swordsman

Parametakoopa - Nunchaku Master

SupermewX300 - Giant Swordsman

DarkMace - Enchanted Swordsman

Astaroth - A big man with a big axe

Yinga Garten - Katar Master

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