thekwlman in an alien form

thekwlman11 is kwl. The king of kwl in fact. So kwl he doesn't have a capital "t" but then is a grammar nazi to everyone. Stalks Eve on Twitter.

Is affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, apparently.

Joined in 08, lurked and made his first post in 09, and he sucked then. He's kwler now though. He currently fails at vlogging on ONMdaily

He has Twitter too.

EveA is his potential girlfriend, Teeboy is his unofficial boyfriend and Jweather and Nin are his bros.

He also flirts constantly with Matchi and EveA's friends on Twitter. Many refer to him as the "Casanova of ONM", and that he just can't get enough of the ladies (mainly Eve. Seriously, he spends a scary amount of time catalouging her actions).

He recently drew fairly with Museotron2009 in a street rap battle, but feels compelled to claim he won, despite the inconclusive result. He did spunk though.. Eyewitnesses have described his performance to be both "hilarious" and a sequence of binary unpronouncable by anyone.



You'd better believe it.

  • Has done 20 years in prison for killing a man
  • Was once a Colombian drug baron, gave up to post on ONM
  • Is actually arranged to be married to Eve in 5 years time, this was decided at birth
  • Has a tattoo of Matchi on his arse
  • Enjoys long walks on the beach followed by incredibly gentle sex
  • Camps outside Eve's school to catch a glimpse of her
  • It was once announced by thekwlman that even if Eve had a penis, he would still find her incredibly attractive.
  • Supposedly taped a picture of Eve onto a brick. Makes love to it nightly.
  • Goes through Eve's bins at night, sleeps with sacred rubbish.
  • Once took 5 hits of acid then robbed a bank with a tampon. It worked.

Thekwlman11's greatest powerEdit

He has managed to stalk Eve for over 2 years without ever meeting her, that's stalking prowesque right there.